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Photographer Joseph Sifuentes

Kansas City Photographer: Joseph Sifuentes

  Joseph Sifuentes When you see a photograph, what do you see? Maybe stunning artwork? Maybe a beautiful destination you dream of traveling to? What do you feel? Happiness? A desire for adventure? Excitement? Hope? I believe capturing an image that is pleasing to eye is great, but capturing an image that makes you feel something, stirs something inside of you, is even better. An image of a mother hugging her child while a single tear rolls down her face because she doesn’t want her baby to grow up too fast. An image of a husband seeing his wife come down the aisle in her beautiful gown knowing that he gets to spend his entire life by her side. An image of mountains with a morning haze resting over the peaks which brings back the joy of seeing a beautiful land. These are the images that I love to capture.

Manfrotto BeFree Tripod

Why the Manfrotto BeFree Tripod is the Right Travel Tripod for You [Review]

Typical uses for a tripod revolve around achieving a crisp image when your camera’s settings require a longer exposure.  For example, let’s say you want to use a low ISO setting when photographing a static object, and additionally a tight aperture for a fuller depth of field. In that case, unless you have studio lighting with strobes or continuous lamps, you have to employ a tripod. Simply put you can’t hold a camera still enough for a sharp image and a long exposure. The blurring may be apparent, or only show up after reviewing images on a computer, but it’s going to be there.

4k Ultra HD

Top 5 Digital Cameras that Shoot 4k Video [Comparison]

  4k digital cameras are taking the world by storm. You don’t need to be an expert to use one, but you certainly could be. This video resolution is generally defined as 4096 pixels x 2160 lines in the digital cinema realm. It is quickly becoming the standard for high-quality video content.  If you are on track to becoming the next Steven Spielberg, then find out which cameras can take you to the next level.

Biltmore Estate

The Biltmore Estate takes Extravagance to the Next Level

The Biltmore Estate is one of the most well known historic mansions in the United States. It is the largest privately owned house in the country at 178,926 square feet. The estate was built between the years of 1889 and 1895 by George Washington Vanderbilt II of the famed Vanderbilt family. It is now a tourist attraction for all to see.